Public Programs

truna is one of the aunties responsible for the content provision of the brisbane gameOn series of public programs, the 48hr game making challenge and the GO423 annual symposium.

The Game On program is curated by the Brisbane chapter of the International Game Developers Association (brIGDA), and Lubi Thomas (independent creative director, curator & artist). The annual Game On Symposium supports sector building and sustainability of the local game making industry through strengthening community networks and fostering recognition of our local game-making sector.

I usually work with Lubi Thomas, together, we are the Game On ‘aunties’


Recently we have focussed on two main events a year:

the GO423 Symposium

An annual two day festival of local game makers and their lives and works (since 2012)

and the 48 hour game making challenge [] which has been running yearly since 2007.


truna and the brisbane igda (brIGDA) along with Game On are also responsible for a number of other public events, workshops and social get togethers for the brisbane games industry and the wider community such as the brisbane igda presents series and the supanova igda character art challenge, workshop series held at the State Library of QLD, Rockhampton Library … the aim of all of these events is the fostering of a strong and vibrant games industry in the state and a greater understanding of what the industry (and the games medium) is all about ….

Studio Game On

The studio-gameon event was supported by the Institute of the Creative Industries and Innovation and the Faculty of IT as part of the State Library of Queensland GAME ON exhibition (ex Barbican, UK) – Summer 2008-9

studio-gameOn-day-one 001

The studio produced a full game in six weeks. It was a curated event, a live web-based exhibition, a performance for the public and the team produced a digital / creative work which is available for download.
The studio enabled a team of students to experience the pressures of a real game studio within a curated space but also very much in the public eye.

The studio-game on team consisted of a group of game developers in training – the team members were all students who were either half-way through or completing a qualification in game design and all its elements – designers, artists, programmers and production team members. We were also fortunate to have an Industry Board consisting of local Queensland Games professionals: John Passfield (Red Sprite Studios), Adrian Cook (WIldfire Studios) and Duncan Curtis and Marko Grgic (The 3 Blokes).

Box art for the finished game: Stuntman

Studio Game On produced by: truna aka j.turner & Lubi Thomas.

Studio Game On video produced by Lucas for iCi

Team:  Sheryl Hills, Rory Cartwright, Steven Pixel Scott,  Abbey Miranda, Alex Anguix, Alex Baldwin, Josh Taylor, Joshua Mullins, Gemma Sinclair, Toby Hewitt, James Bowman, Christina Tan, Ian Calligeros, Liam Alkamraikhi, Clyde Smets, Colin Fraser.

 Older Projects:

Straight Out Of Brisbane (SOOB)

we ran a series of workshops and talks for SOOB which developed a public lab space as event locale in order to encourage particpants to stay and play and get involved in what was going on rather than just attending individual talks and presentations. The site was hosted by Visible Ink in an earlier incarnation


Interactive Entertainment 08

Originally titled *we do make **** really* the gallery – exhibition for the opening night of the Interactive Entertainment conference offers researchers and experimenters in the field of interactive entertainment and games the opportunity to enjoy showing off their works in progress and gain valuable play testing experience as well as showing that games research is more than just talking and writing about games

Next Level Festival, KGUV, October 26-28 2007 *fresh games* gallery

tek tent 01 [jay’s game by jay (2007) * Graffiti Luv1 by Henrik Rypkema, Luke Muscat, Samuel Sargent, Michael Montague & Michael Szewczyk (2006) * Nguumbar by pinkSofa + Michael Shay set up in ‘Outback Adventure’ by redback games * don’t biofeedback the zombies by dekker]

tek tent 02 [talk2me by ann morrison]


We also run workshops in a variety of situations to suit on the nature of games and the power of game making:

Elements of game making: a series of workshops the original format run as part of the State Library of Queensland GAME ON exhibition — this series offers the public opportunity to explore and experience some of the different areas of the game making process, from writing to concept art and audio.

Beyond game worlds: the beyond game worlds is an ongoing development project which seeks to exploit the spatial experience of game worlds as a site for the transmission of “small stories” – those individual stories that make up places, homes and lives. The project is inspired by experiences with Australian Indigenous communities where the allure of the game world technology to represent culture and oral knowledge and experience has a tendency to place the contributers of culture in an advisory role rather than allowing them to build their worlds themselves. In response to this we offer very simple game development frameworks which enable particpants to implement their own images and media and create their own worlds

Lost cities: lost cities has been running since 1996 in various guises. The workshops offer a simple text based development core plus the option of adding image, video and audio media wherin particpants can make their own role playing type games and interactive spatial stories. We have run the lost cities workshops for groups as diverse as the Deaf community, primary school children, in service teacher professional development and tertiary game development courses