The Strolls project was originally devised for a colleague in Finland and a cross cultural event event called AU goes to FI – the core concept is both re-experience of and presentation of the  ‘everyday’ experience of life rather than the usual cultural icons. The project grew and was presented as a mash-up site with google maps (truna aka j.turner & David Browning). The site is now cob-webbed but some of the participant made strolls are archived here.

The emphasis on the walk and taking of image stills (as opposed to the straightforward video) is based on a notion of partaking of the environment with technology. The process involves a strange and distinct embodiment as the maker must stop and choose each subsequent shot in order to build up the final animated sequence. The viewer becomes subtly involved in the maker’s decisions.

Some of the maker decisions are pertinent to context – taking photographs in Iran is not as easy as taking photographs in Australia.

Anzali Fish Market from Rumbode on Vimeo: I went to the Fish market in a weekend and I took pics from my waist and with a 50 deg angle so I rotated them and I send. Hope you can do something for that angles…

Anzali Bridge market from Rumbode on Vimeo: Anzali (Iran) under bridge market (including fish market). I walk to the middle of the bridge, then return and go under bridge.

Strolls are ….

…walks on a day off from usual routine that give you an excuse to enjoy your own environs and allow you to share and show your own locality, your own place.

…stepping out of your front door and perambulating maybe down to the corner shop, or to the river, or just out and about the areas around your home.

…typically done on non-work days where the walker can take time to enjoy their own locality, they might be made as part of a weekly trip to a park, the local shop, a place of worship or a family weekend meal.

[strolls website truna aka j.turner & David Browning [cobwebbed]]

the idea of a day off, un-rushed stroll is to capture the whole feel of ordinary living in a place rather than the usual imagery of the landmark. these walks are about the personal, not the public… they are about the mundane, not the touristic… they are about neighbourhoods and small stories of the everyday

the stroll project is an exploration into the way in which people can create their own visualisation of place and explore the materiality of a medium. the project was intended as a player testing phase of the little grey cat engine but it took on a life of its own …