2008: litte grey cat engine – flex – the greyCat offers story tellers a simple interface which enables them to turn their own photos into explorable game worlds

Production team: truna, Zac Fitz-Walter, Craig Stewart, Letitia Power, Hamish Lancaster & Peter Riez



greyCat is made available as a CC *some rights reserved* download – if you are interested in using greyCat to make your own stories, do please send us copies so we can share and display.

If you are interested in contributing to the engine development do contact us:

truna AT acid DOT net DOT au




Our little grey cat beta offers basic functionality for evaluation purpose only. Current functionality is based on photographic image and pathways. Future implementations include ability to annotate and audio and video options


Using greyCat

The little grey cat engine is written in Adobe Flex, it needs the adobe AIR plugin to work (cross platform)

There are two parts to the program at the moment:

  • the little grey cat engine itself
  • the little grey cat player

Both are available as a zipped file [download]


An example story

The following visual story of Hamish’s laundry was made as a prototype for greyCat – text was added at the photograph stage using a simple graphic program